Lyrics - Absorb

A Silent Witness

I am a silent witness of my own acts,
Thus certify me as insane.
Insanity urges me to act again.
There is such a little left before going crazy.
With no obvious sign, slowly but surely
I hereby die aside.

Let’s welcome the age of Prompt Revolution!
Death for anger, and four dim prison walls.
Radical Revolution!
And bring back the peace to the desecrated graves.
Forthcoming Revolution!

As if I am watching out of the grimy window.
I’m foul prisoner in my own body,
Today a riot‘s raving inside.
I am still eager for another sensation.
I am a silent witness of my own transition. 



Diamond with a beautiful eye,
Your face is pale,
Your world, the pomp and vanity
Is nothing just rough.

You shine so brightly, glimmer and glow,
Some like me draw close
To touch your beauty.

This false sense of warmth you give,
Only to find none.

It's a terrible game
You play with people's hearts,
Just like mine,
No one hears my cry for help.

Diamond with a beautiful eye,
You will last longer than most,
But you will have no love,
But I can never leave you,
I cannot resist I’m drawn to your cold light,
I keep wishing and hoping… 


Muse of Mundane Days

Oh, my Muse of mundane days,
Everyday when the sun is rising,
I can see your image getting close to me,
it gets me get that feeling with an intensity.

You speak to me
With the voice of advisor soul.
I give you an ear.

Oh, my Muse of hard-working days,
When you tell your stories, long or brief,
about the world’s grief,
The most vicious men hanging on noose,
and all has been done as it should.

It seems I could finally find peace in my heart.

Maybe I‘ve got everything I ever wanted,
Maybe I’m nothing else but a foolish dreamer,
However, without your smile and warm word,
I’d be dead and gone, rotten deep under the ground.
Please let me in, let it happen over and over again. 


I Like A Noise

I like a noise of my choice,
The lullaby of my mother's voice,
The chirping of birds as they rejoice,
The stamping of the candidates in poise.
Can you hear it?
Can you hear that noise?
It’s a melodious noise.

I like a noise in rhythmic melodies,
The rattling of the rain in synchrony,
The crashing of waves in my balcony,
The rushing of the wind in the canopy.
Can you hear it?
Can you hear that noise?
It’s so harmonious like a symphony.

The human heart has hidden treasures,
In secret kept, in silence sealed,
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,
Whose charms were broken if revealed.

Can you hear it?
Can you hear that noise?

I like a noise to signal life,
The boom of unforeseen brightness,
The whooping of boys’ numbness,
 So amusing - in the midst of strife.



Give me something I can believe in,
Symbols of this age,
Give me your confidence.
As time goes by, I’m losing my religion,
Give me something that will lighten the days of my life.

Give me all I need - give it to me,
Because I can't smile, I can't weep,
I can't taste, I cannot sleep,
Give it all.

Give me something I can rely on,
Faith and courage,
My unhealed scar still hurts.
As time goes by, I’m losing my recollection,
Give me something that will brighten the days of my life.

We found that comprehension.
I made this new invention,
Use your imagination.
I will keep what I will find, you better hold on to.

Give me something I can feel equal,
Uplift me, let me feel like I’m standing on the top.
As time goes by, I’m losing my direction,
Give me something that will lead me through the days of my life. 


My Apology

I’m leaving, swallowing pride, with my eyes dropped,
So hard to say how much I’m sorry,
Last night I was rude and forward.
My silly whims, uneasy device,
Like a siren roaring in tranquillity.

Not for now, I call for patience,
As I’m leading to you with my apology.
I’m like a stone falling down from the rock,
Still flying, in a moment hits the ground.

Me and I, a kind of selfish, that’s all me.
Greed promoted to an emotion.
First comes the tender warmth, then the avid cold,
As dead man’s hand reached the door.
Run, baby, run before the echo of my vicious soul
Leads you astray.

Where the heart should be,
Something has stung and it hurts little bit.
Should I regret it?
It’s just an illusion, baby, just an illusion.



Born in love, lost in the system.
Computers rule the world,
Determine the path from childhood.
They follow me all around.
They’ve got the upper hand in
Whatever I do, Wherever I go,
Face to face with this enemy I appear so small.
Where do I belong?

Save me, because I’m falling apart,
Give me strength to start
All over again.
Relieve me, because my hopes are fading,
Yet a piece of the human lives inside.

All that I wanted they took away from me,
Stole my identity,
Now I have to live in this cruel reality.
They don’t care if I behold the truth or lie,
My paltry body interlaced with lines.

We’ve got to pay,
We’ve got no brains,
No one’s to blame. 


Journey to What Is Due

Many years covered me the thought
To follow my dreams,
The sweat of struggles left no easy kindled token,
From Monday to Friday, never I stop toiling the soil.
But why waste my time, take a good look around,
All the precious things have been already found.

Now I am here, today
Joining the joyous song of tomorrow,
Playing the harp that gives sorrow
The perfect melody,
Accompanied by the sounds of the future.

Many years took me to stand where I am,
In spite of courage, enough for dozen men,
My self-confidence still fading,
And nothing’s changing.
I have fought to live my life, not just exist,
I have had to drunk my share of wine,
As one of the division's front line.

Kings may have wonderful jewels to wear,
Mother has only a kiss for her king,
I’ve given all I had to give, it was worth everything.
The secret of the privileged leads me in this realm.


Broken Sleep

When the silence visits me
In my lonely days,
My mind brings back all the events,
In my solitaire mood it paints.

Then the silence tip toe and come,
Disturbing my mind in bond,
It gently spreads in my darkened room,
Inclosing me with to desire my doom,
Lay down on me.

I step from plank to plank,
So slow and cautiously,
The stars about my head I felt,
About my feet the sea.

I knew not but the next,
Would be my final inch,
This gave me that unstable gait,
Some call experience.

Then I tried to drive it away out,
Yet it insists and pretends to shout,
I cannot control this urge,
It makes the entire world to stay about.

Welcome the nights of broken sleep
And days of cold rejection,
Dreamers, believers,
Half awaken in a sweet unrest,
Waiting for their redemption.

Welcome the nights of broken sleep
And days of carnage cold,
Could I deem that you would weep
To hear my perils told.


On The Other Side of Barricade

It’s not me, who’s writing these words,
Insisting to be alive,
To the meaning but don‘t know
Anything at all.

It’s not me, who keeps out of your view,
Show off wrong side, not the face.
It’s not me, who’ll be up in arms,
when the battle‘s over and the land‘s in peace.
It’s not me shouting at the others:
„Go ahead and fight”!
With the hole shot into the soul.

Crouching in the corner at one quiet night,
Sleepless, begging on my knees,
Like a restless child — it’s not me.

It’s not me, who’s confused about
What is wrong and what is right,
Telling the truth instead of a white lie.
It’s not me, who’s always been asking
But hasn’t anything to give back.
It’s not me, taking the wrong way many times,
Wanting to give it up all.

Crouching in the corner at one quiet night,
In the agony I fell on my knees,
Give a rabid sneer instead of a smile.
Crouching in the corner at one quiet night,
Fooling around, though the music of star spheres
Sound in the air.

It’s not me, who’s going to grasp the bottle,
It’s HER, she’s the deserter!!