Lyrics - Relief

Born On The 4th Of July

Born on the fourth of July,
I'm saying a black mass.
I'm making love with death
Under a palm tree under fire.
Quarter past two
The night is receding.
Full moon's staring into the dark.

I'm praying to God
Shivering with fear
Wringing a gun in my hands
I hate them
And I hate myself
But I love you - write to me.

It's pretty hard to read
Send me some money
I've got little time
The sky's fading
The horizon's growing red.
The roundabout starts spinning

I'm to go home now
Some others're coming.
Keep your tears from your eyes
And keep the dress on
The dress for today
Tears forever

The sun is rising
I'm screwing my eyes
I can see red circles
A red sea
A bullet in my head.


The Creeps

I'm horrified wherever I'm proceeding.
Just like a bomb burst up in the middle of the crowd,
A mummery shreads of thoughts I've got on my brain
And I feel, the ground below my feet is shaking

It's not me
somebody crazy occupy my mind.
It makes me shudder to realize his strategy.
Everyday I wake up early in the morning
And I hear the frantic beating of my heart.

Thus demons in the multitude're marching to conquer my mind,
They mighty outnumber me and they've got heavy arms.
Leftover torsos of my immaculate thoughts're running for their life,
Weak and defenceless, sheltered only by the dark.

Oh, disparity of forces and my first battle lost.
If I fell in this private war, my honour will be the cost.


Call Me Away

If you only knew how sad I am, nobody can tell
Not like before. Now it's more intense.
After a long time I speak with God,
I know for sure, what I should ask.

If you only knew how sad and tired I am
with all these facts,
All is done halfway, empty promises
Oh my Lord what happens
When I won't find rhyme to your name?

Call Me Away
There's nothing here
That wins my soul to remain
I'm a stranger in the land of make-believe
Leading to your grace

If you only knew how sad I am
though the sun warms my face.
I am blind, 'cause I'd denied the treasure of my house
in fatal turning point.
How to chase away this feel of despair?



Thank you for all those nights,
Embraced in autumn melancholy
And yearning chosen and estranged,
In spite of this all intimate,
Which is binding us in one.

Thank you for all those nights,
We love to worry so much,
That we will soon repeat
What makes us the fools,
In spite of this so innocent.


I'm Walking

Proudly I'm walking,
straight to my fortune
I'm not cringing, not blind, not in fear.
I know it my buddy,
Now nothing can stop me.

Sometimes it makes me cry,
When I see dull hoard standing in my way.
I keep on walking, under arms.
Who touched me, has got to pay.

Palm your hand in mine
I'm going to tell you, what's hidden in you.
Maybe we'll break the line
But the price is always too high.

What's on your mind when you look to sky full of stars
What will you learn from the whisper of the night time breeze
How blissful is to stay awake today
I'm completely happy just to be next to you.

And I'm not alone,
we know what we know.
One as another
Scatlet sunrise on the horizon.
There all ends as well as begins.


Psychic (A Soul Wreck)

My soul is like a stormy sea
The sea that presage a menacing augury.
I'm entering the water.
My screaming soul broke the silence
And it's disappearing in the storm...

I don't want it to come this night
It mustn't fall on me
It mustn't enter my soul

My soul is space full of sadness
The sleeping space
Smiling at me with the eyes of youth.
In them, in their reflection,
I can see my soul's wreck.

I watch but I can't break away.

I don't want it to come this night
My soul mustn't drown yet
My heart mustn't cool down...

Under my head water
Over it - clouds, the bluish sky in reach.

I don't want it to come this night
with the dawn either
The sea in my soul's not storming any more.
My heart stopped beating...
And in the meantime I'll be sound asleep.



When hopelessness creeps into you mind,
When the weary spirit doesn't know where to turn first
Up to the surface rises whatever I've loved
Though air-tightly locked against the outer world
I'm full of illusions, I don't realize the time I spent with searching...

In the pace of the tide going to and from
I am the blind without a stick and black glasses
All around seems vain and foolish
When the waves grow and the wind keeps wailing
On the wings of a seagull setting me free.

In the rush of surreal sensation I fly higher
I may even touch the glow of stars painlessly
I'll be forced to carry my cross again
Though its weight is intangible 'cause I know
All bad turns out good on the way to innocence.


Ashes To Ashes

[Faith No More cover]

I want them to know it's me
It's on my head
I'll point the finger at me
It's on my head

Give it all to you
Then I'll be closer

Smiling with the mouth of the ocean
And I'll wave to you with the arms of the mountain
I'll see you

I will let you shout no more
It's on my head
I'll pick you up from the floor
It's on my head
I'll let you even the score It's on my head

Give it all to you
Then I'll be closer

Smiling with the mouth of the ocean
And I'll wave to you with the arms of the mountain
I'll see you

Give the same to me then I'll be closer, closer
Give the same to me then I'll be closer, closer

Smiling with the mouth of the ocean
And I'll wave to you with the arms of the mountain

Give the same to me then I'll be closer


Not Till Death Do Us Part

Loving you my baby is as grateful
as breathing city smog.
Maybe I could love you
If you're far away for good.
But you're bloody here.
It is too close my dear.

The camouflaged emotions
Lead to pain and silent cries.
That's why I'm just trying to tell you
I hope not till death do us part.

It's exactly like that, you and I
It's an unequal tie.
I've got wings and have to fly.
It's your bad luck.
This love is wrong.
Don't think of it for too long.



Late in the night
I'm full of words.
Eternal ones like time
Heavy ones like a head
Shining ones like a star.

Your words also came to me.
Your words kept in silence.
They're beautiful
And they're whole.
They've got me
And I've got them
They've got us all.

A window provided with bars,
A word outside.
Does it depend so much
On what comes across our way?
I'll try to break down the wall


How Many

How many days is it, how many?
I've asked myself since you're not here
I reject to know but it feels,
Like it's hundred years

How many nights I cannot sleep - I am awake
But yet I go astray in dreams
I wander on the stars
I've got even permission beyond time boundary

How many moments I don't think of you
Perhaps the one or just the half

How many emotions which make me chill
I would slip on that ice.

How much emptiness until your return
In my reply I'll be lost for good.