Lyrics - Voyage

On The Road

Once again I stand at the end

Of one of these paths,
Covered with sand
That retains in its memory
Countless days full of warm sun rays
And brimstones of infernal mystery.

I′m falling down onto the ground,
Dressed up in the abyss of agony.
I′m coming back in my own footsteps
To find out the truth of my life.

At the time I was a child,
Playing on the beach
With prince that name was Rhama.
At some distance in a Slough and plague,
With human′s hate we took the field.
A tower built of my own lives
And I′m sauntering upstairs,
Immersed in nostalgic regrets,
Face to face with the Truth.

Scream is coming through my mind.
Scream like ancient voices, as ancient as I am.

She laughs me silently to scorn,
She′s forsaken me many times before, unfaithful bitch!
So hard to find her, so hard to take her in
Before I′ve found her graceful visage.

A final step
Embraces me from heaven
and flapped his wings.



A large drop of dew

Is falling down.
I′m going to break in half,
I′m not thinking.
But life is coming into my mind.
I exist!

To live up life
To live up all
To live up energy
To live with it all

The drop′s striking the ground.
Why should I think?
Reflection on the drop
Why should I live?

A pity.
Life is coming into my mind.

A large drop of dew
Is falling down.
I′m going to break in half
But life is coming into my mind.
But I′m to die.

I know this is the end.
I′m squeezing my way alone
Up to my knees
Through life
Through death?
A new life.

A pity.
Life is coming into my mind.


I Have No Doubt

I can′t get a rid of feeling

That I am going somewhere.
Now I know,
I′ve been walking a long time.

I can′t help my feeling
But I sleep even in the daytime.
Now I know,
I′ve been dreaming a long time.

I get a strange feeling
When I talk with people around
That I say something,
Something I should understand.


But it′s all right, it will pass in time.
Now I have no doubt.


Autumn Poet

I am a poet.

My poems light flashes
In all minds, in all cells.
My eyes are crying.
They can see love in a distance
They′re making love

My eyes, in a dark of night
To freezing cold,
They didn′t give in.
Two-legged being′s worlds
Are split into two halves.
My eyes are crying

I want to know
Which part of the world I am from
Where I have lived,
What I have seen.

Look into my eyes
You will find the answer.
Black is white,
Grey is whiter.

I want to know



If you want to find something,

Set out on a seeking trip!

Set fire to water
And spill the flames,
Drive the wind through the earth,
Sunbeams merge with ice and snow.
You may see coloured autumn leaves
Falling on early spring flowers.

Then you′ll understand
Variety of the world
In its chaos.

If you want to find more,
Set out on a seeking trip.

You may experience the male and female
Energies, tension and relief,
You may bow to your masters
Or you might better pace with your head high.

Then you′ll understand
The boundaries of this world
In its chaos.

You may close your eyes
And discover vast spaces.
You may feel how empty evil things are,
Every suffering′s just vanity.
Unknown friend will whisper
To your ear saying his secret,
No fight against emptiness, you just can fill it.

Then you′ll understand,
There′s only one way,
One way, the way of light.


Hot Breath Of Night

Only the sensitive can see the light,

The light is a remedy,
Your sense and faith
Are making your decisions,
You cannot express it.

In the time lapse,
You′re in love with the life.
Music has a curative power,
A regular interval of dark,
Comes and goes.

Night of demons,
You know
You′re sweltering, even in the night.
When you sleep,
The Earth breathes along with you.

It′s a morning, the day is breaking.
Your hour of goodness is coming.
A cold sweat all over your body
It′s hot as hell in the room.
You still remember those years.
They′ve gone a long time ago.

But it′s all coming back to you
In your dreams,
And you have no choice.

Night of demons,
You know
You′re sweltering, even in the night.
When you sleep,
The Earth breathes along with you.



She was in your hearts

And she was in your mind,
She was in all stinking sewers
But she wasn′t satisfied.

She breathed the art
And drank sorrow,
She felt freedom
But she wasn′t understood.

I had met her in the reed,
She was crying and told me her story
And then she laughed, dance and sing
Because no one could understand her.

She sang:
Dancing, I′m dancing, dancing...

I took off my shoes
And walked around the whole country,
Then I saw the sunset,
Its laugher too.

I came to the reed,
My body starts to dance,
I′m laughing and singing
Because no one can understand me.

I sing:
I′m singing and dancing, I′m dancing.
Dancing, I′m dancing...



Everything I left behind

The suffering, all my sorrows
It all seems to me much easier
Then my loneliness.

There is no solace

I ′ve just met with misunderstanding
Unable to identify with myself.
I have realized
It is all part of my destiny
I can′t find my place.

There is no solace...


Last Moment

Doctor, if my body′s here

Then my heart is roaming around eternity.
It′s on the way to death, to bliss
But at this very moment
It′s being hurt by severe betrayal.

When the thought of life is asleep
When everything in my body turns silent
My heart gets out and goes
On a tour of gloomy nights.

And then I′ve had nothing for lots of years.
Everything′s given away.
So I want my poor body to have at least
A light memory of my heart.

I′m staring into darkness through closed lids
And although they have locked up my sight.
My memory is pulsating
With a star shine on the horizon.

And then I′ve had nothing for lots of years.
Everything′s given away.
So I want my poor body to have at least
A light memory of my heart.

It′s a life, not death
Which is cause me what you called
That strange feeling.


A White Dream

The death coloured snow
Which blew over from Far Asia
To melt in Pinning City,
To moisten our hearts,
To bring our desire and hope back to life.
That′s our colour.

Bloody arms, set teeth,
Pinning eyes, rough feet,
The ground is a hell carpet
Burning with thousands of requests,
The hell, the paradise is ours.

Let closed door open, open forever!
And we′ll cease to be other people′s slaves,
Slaves of things, slaves of life.
That′s our call.